myDoli for Dolibarr

myDoli is the application you need to have everything Dolibarr in his pocket.

Mobile application for Dolibarr

Tutorial for installing php indispensable in their functioning application myDoli for Dolibarr

Tutorial myDoli


This tutorial will explain the steps to fill myDoli use on your mobile.


Before things:


1. For myDoli work, you must have one installed dolibarr. If it's not the case, go here:


2. https connections are not yet supported by myDoli


3. You must disable the CAPTCHAs


4. Some versions of PHP do not work and may caused SOAP error (Eg php version 5.6.21 causes problems) validated Version: 7.0.11




1 / Enabling Dolibarr modules necessary for myDoli

2 / Configuration Web services API module

3 / Control myDoli

4 / Copy mydoli Php file on your ftp server dolibarr


Activation Dolibarr modules necessary for myDoli



















Configuring the Web services API module

Enter your API key at this location






It is imperative to make a backup of your data before using myDoli.

For this appointment on your Dolibarr, Home, System Tools, and click Backup button to generate a backup.

Do not forget to click the generated file mysqldump order to actually have on your PC.


Configuring myDoli

1/ Download myDoli

Pour iPhone :
Pour android :

2/ We suggest putting your php version 7

Typically, customers in php Version 5.6 encountering problems with myDoli


3/ Copy the php mydoli on your Dolibarr
Php Download available here:

4/ Restart myDoli application and re-test once php on line.


Support :